Current Projects

Rock With U "Fusion"

Fusion combines both the musical versatility and continuity of a DJ with the unparalleled sound that only comes from live instruments. What started as an experiment with just a DJ and a couple instruments has evolved into a full unequivocal dance band.

Memento Anima

Memento Anima is a suite for looped cello with visual accompaniment (by Hannah Nemer). It premiered at Art-A-Whirl 2016; studio version coming soon!


Raquel Sofia

Singer Raquel Sofia has spent most of her career 20 feet from stardom as a backup singer for Juanes and Shakira. But these days, she's got her own new album and tour, leading a small band of gifted musicians. Sofia's songs are about matters of the heart — and, as you'll hear in her performance, it's hard to believe that feeling bad can sound this good.


Brian Laidlaw & the Family Trade

A messy folk orchestra that tries to combine the best elements of a stadium rock show with the best elements of a campfire singalong. 


Tropical Zone Orchestra

Tropical Zone Orchestra is a 12 member, award winning Puerto Rican salsa orchestra featuring a powerful horn section and 3 energetic singers. Tropical Zone Orchestra has been playing in the Twin Cities area for six years, providing some of the best salsa and merengue dance music in the area.

Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi, meaning "the world tree", plays an alluring mixture of world-beat grooves combined with elements of modern and traditional jazz. This savvy quintet featuring guitar, violin, percussion, bass and drums plays a rich mixture of jazz, infused with Latin rhythms, Caribbean and Middle Eastern sounds.


Rogue Tango

Rogue Tango is a collective of world-class musicians based out of Minneapolis that perform tango & milonga classics.