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Improvisation 101: For Music Students of All Ability Levels


Greg Byers helps hundreds of teachers and students every year to improvise for the first time using this workshop. Join Greg as he leads your students through several musical games and exercises that take the fear out of spontaneous creation. This clinic is perfect for fledgling instrumentalists and experienced classical performers alike. 









"Greg is highly qualified to work with student musicians. He is extremely knowledgeable about music and how to break down a composition to make it accessible for students to learn. He ignites a passion in the students to WANT to learn more difficult pieces of music, and is able to show them the joy of playing music." - Deb Wyant; Administrative Director, Electrify Your Strings

Recently Presented At:

  • Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp​ (KS)

  • MacPhail Center for Music Jazz Camp (MN)

  • Gulliver Preparatory School (FL)

  • Park High School (MN)

  • Eclectic Strings Day 2019 (MN)

  • American String Teachers Association National Conference 2018 (GA)

Singing Through Your Instrument


Join cellist & singer Greg Byers for an exploration of the connection between your physical voice and your musical voice. In this workshop, Greg will show why all instrumentalists can benefit from singing practice and how understanding your singing voice is crucial for developing a distinct sound as an improviser. This is an interactive workshop and is open to vocalists and instrumentalists of any level. 

"If you are looking for a charismatic, creative, and caring pedagogue who can bring out excellence and confidence in young musicians of all levels, then you are looking for Greg." - Levi Comstock; Director of Orchestras, Champlin Park High School​ 

Recently Presented At:

  • Creative Strings Workshop (OH)

  • Belmont University (TN)

  • Champlin Park High School (MN)

  • California Jazz Conservatory (CA)

  • Eclectic Strings Day 2017 (MN)

  • New Directions Cello Festival 2016 (CA)



Creating Without Borders: Interdisciplinary Collaboration Across Cultures


Today's professionals need to be able to explore partnerships across cultural, societal, and disciplinary boundaries in order to come up with innovative solutions. In this workshop, Greg Byers uses several of his multidisciplinary projects as a metaphor for the need to listen to other perspectives. Projects include Serenade for the Solar System, a journey through a scientifically accurate model of our galaxy accompanied by original music; Acoustic Cuisine, a live synergy of food and music; Memento Anima, a looped cello suite with visual accompaniment. 

"I observed him working with students across multiple ages and talent levels. In each case he communicated at their levels, and was enjoyable to work with for every age. The kids gobbled up the curriculum enthusiastically. Above all, the kids I saw working with him were having a great time!" - Greg Marget; Orchestra Director, Park High School 

Recently Presented At:

  • Park Center High School (MN)

  • Northside Independent School District (TX)

  • Hartford Union High School (WI)

  • Westminster Christian School (FL)

FOR MUSIC Educators & Education Students

Improvisation for Music Educators: Get Orchestras & Bands of All Ability Levels Improvising


Greg Byers introduces musical improvisation to hundreds of teachers and students every year; join him for a workshop on the pedagogy of improvising. Beginning improvisers are often intimidated by the number of possibilities, so Greg has come up with several strategies and musical games that take the fear out of spontaneous creation. This clinic is perfect for novice instructors and master educators alike.   

"Greg Byers is poised to be a leader in the expansive new world of contemporary string education." - Randy Sabien; String Department Chair, McNally Smith College of Music

For booking inquiries, please contact

Recently Presented At:

  • University of Miami (FL)

  • Whittier College (CA)

  • American String Teachers Association National Conference 2019 (NM)

  • Minnesota String and Orchestra Teachers Association All-State Workshop 2019

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