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Acoustic Cello - Rudoulf Doestch, European maple & spruce body, Eric Benning bridge. R. Siquiera pernambuco bow. Kaplan strings by D'Addario.


Many thanks to the American String Teachers Association and Potter Violins for awarding me "Brown Shugga" in 2003.


Electric Cello - NS CR-5. NS electric strings by D'Addario. Played exclusively with self-made harness.


Double Bass - Shen, willow body. Realist acoustic transducer. Helicore Hybrid & Zyex strings by D'Addario.


Bass Guitar - Music Man Stringray 5 HH 2007 Limited Edition. NYXL strings by D'Addario.


Acoustic Guitar - 1968 Martin D-28. A Byers family heirloom!


Mandolin - Ibanez M-510. Plain Steel strings by D'Addario.


Acoustic Amplifier - Acoustic Image Coda R Series III.


Electric Amplifier - Ashdown Engineering MAG 300.


Effects Pedals - Xotic Effects AC Plus, EP Booster; Pigtronix Envelope Phaser, Infinity Looper; Empress Effects ParaEQ; Peterson StroboStomp


Music Stand - Peak Music Stands SMS-40