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Acoustic Cello - Rudoulf Doestch, European maple & spruce body, Eric Benning bridge. Marquise GS bow from CodaBow . Kaplan strings from D'Addario.


Many thanks to the American String Teachers Association and Potter Violins for awarding me "Brown Shugga" in 2003.


Electric Cello - NS CR-5. NS electric strings by D'Addario. Played exclusively with self-made harness.


Double Bass - Shen, willow body. Realist acoustic transducer. Helicore Hybrid & Zyex strings by D'Addario.


Bass Guitar - Music Man Stringray 5 HH 2007 Limited Edition. NYXL strings by D'Addario.


Acoustic Guitar - 1968 Martin D-28. A Byers family heirloom!

Violin - German Stradivarius copy; maple body. 

Viola - 16" Ernst Heinrich Roth 1700 Stradivarius copy, spruce body.


Mandolin - Ibanez M-510. Plain Steel strings by D'Addario.


Acoustic Amplifier - Acoustic Image Coda R Series III.


Electric Amplifier - Ashdown Engineering MAG 300.


Effects Pedals - Xotic Effects AC Plus, EP Booster; Pigtronix Envelope Phaser, Infinity Looper; Empress Effects ParaEQ; Peterson StroboStomp

Music Stand - Peak Music Stands SMS-40

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