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Artist: byerSelf 

From: Minneapolis, MN

Genre: Cinematic/Soul/Jazz 

Sounds Like: Snarky Puppy, Kishi Bashi, 2CELLOS, Jacob Collier

Members: Greg Byers, Arthur “LA” Buckner, Javier Santiago


"One of the finest trio presentations I have heard live in a very long time. Outstanding. Intimidating. Nourishing." 

-Steve Kenny, Illicit Jazz Workshop 


“The tunes are warm and enjoyable and flow with an orchestral vibe... and sound sweet to the ear. It all works like a charm.” 

-City Newspaper

Despite its moniker, byerSelf is more than your typical solo project; it is an exploratory collaboration between Minneapolis' finest musicians, artists, dancers, and videographers. Its core consists of bandleader Greg Byers, jazz piano virtuoso Javier Santiago and percussion savant Arthur "LA" Buckner. Defying the norms of your typical jazz trio, byerSelf uses a variety of acoustic and electric textures in their captivating live shows.


The first jazz cellist/bassist to graduate from the University of Miami, Greg Byers’ pioneering musical style focuses on modern genres, improvisation, and integrating technology. Off stage, he is a passionate educator and dynamic clinician; Greg feels strongly that music is inherent in everyone and that teachers and students are learning partners.  


Javier Santiago is an artistic visionary who embraces traditions in music while forging ahead with innovations in new sounds, technology and concepts. The piano has been always been his main medium of expression and composition, but his music consists of all instrumentations; ranging from big bands and string quartets to hip-hop beats and the integration of synthesizers, keyboards and other electronics.


L.A. Buckner was forged in the rich Gospel music traditions of Northside Minneapolis. He holds a Masters in Music Performance from McNally Smith College of Music and is a community partnership instructor for the MacPhail Center for Music. In performance, L.A. overflows with excitement, culture and musicality.


byerSelf recorded and released 3 music videos in 2018; after two successful tours of the Midwest & Great Lakes they are headed to Miami in February 2019. The tours include workshops for young string musicians; helping them unlock the possibilities available through improvisation, modern styes and technology. Greg, Javi and LA regularly work with students on ensemble playing, ear training, and how to incorporate string instruments into a modern band.  

Not This Time - Audio

Gaia's WArning - Audio

Out - Audio

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