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Looking for something to make your music stand out from the crowd? Backed by vast experience as a composer, arranger, and recording engineer, Greg's streamlined recording studio is perfect for clients anywhere in the world with budgets of any size.



Don Jon; Cello, Bass - 2013

GREG BYERS The Head I Held - Cello, Bass, Guitar, Production - 2016

NATHAN JOHNSON Jersey Waltz- Cello - 2013


GREG BYERS & LANCE CONRAD De Vez En Cuando - Cello, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard - 2017

LOS CLAXONS Menos de Ti - Cello - 2012 Nominated for 2012 Latin Grammy Award for Best Pop/Rock Album


LANCE CONRAD & GREG BYERS Balkan Shuffle - Cello - 2017


GREG BYERS & LANCE CONRAD Last Ship to America - Cello, Bass, Guitar - 2017


ED HALE Hello My Dove - Cello - 2009

ED HALE My Black Brother (No Stems Mix) Cello, Bass, Violin, Organ, Caxixi, Shaker, Production - 2014


BRIAN LAIDLAW & THE FAMILY TRADE Idioms Cello, Vocals - 2012

FROGLEG Skyline Blues - Bass - 2015


CHRISTON GREY Hello of Goodbye Cello, Bass - 2014


MICHAEL DAUGHERTY Ladder to the Moon Bass - 2010


Velocitip - Shoot Better From the Start; Guitar, Bass, Drums, Production - 2014

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