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The kids really enjoyed working with Greg. We had lots of great comments on him both teaching and the performance. His energy level is incredible, and shows a great passion for what he did with the students. Our high school students were able to work in some improv with him and even composed a song for the concert... a wonderful concert. 

Charlie Hunter, Mason Co. High School Orchestra Director

Maysville, KY

"I have only been taking lessons with Greg for 2.5 months, and he already has broadened my musical horizons and playing abilities in a way I didn't think was possible with my background. Learning the cello in the classical tradition helped me develop technical proficiency, but I was never able to feel comfortable playing in other genres, especially when there wasn't sheet music in front of me. Suddenly, I find myself understanding what Greg is talking about when he mentions something like 'Lydian Dominant' and how to apply it when improvising in a structured harmonic progression. He remembers and understands what it is like to start from the bottom, and how to build the comprehension and musical freedom that leads to a new sense of joy in playing all sorts of genres. He takes a genuine interests in his students and helps them achieve the musical aspirations they set for themselves. His approach fosters a confidence in one's own creative voice, and he provides the tools to express that voice on the instrument."


Minneapolis, MN

"I came to Greg with lofty goals. I wanted to be better at improvising, playing in an Orchestra, playing in a chamber ensemble, AND playing in an original music experimental math-rock band. He has given me the tools to be great at all of these things. No matter what I bring to my lesson, whether it's a jazz chart, a modern classical piece he has never heard before, or a song I'm working on writing for my band, he immediately knows what it needs and helps me get there. He gets right to the root of what is holding me back, helps me break it down, and shows me how to practice it so that I can sound the way I'm trying to. I have never met another classically trained cellist that is so comfortable and proficient in any genre you throw at him, not only as a teacher but as a performer too. Greg's lessons leave me feeling confident, inspired, and supported. And perhaps more importantly, as a performer in the Twin Cities, Greg is constantly stretching the boundaries of what can be done on the cello. He encourages me to keep reaching for those lofty goals."


Saint Paul, MN

“My son began lessons with him three years ago and it was Greg’s patience, positive, encouraging manner and love of music that inspired all my children. Greg now has 3 students from our family and he is amazing with all of them regardless of their age or ability. Our daughter has special needs and he has been very flexible and creative coming up with ways to teach her. She looks forward to her lessons and feels like a rock star! Greg is the kind of teacher every student could only hope for and every parent prays for!”


Apple Valley, MN

“Greg has been a great teacher for my 7 year old. Greg is able to mix fun with serious music study. He urges my son to explore his own musical interests by encouraging him to find music he wants to play. Greg has also brought other instruments along to accompany the piano, exposing my son to a wider variety of instruments. My son recently told me that the day that Greg comes is his favorite day of the week!”


St. Paul, MN

“My two boys have been taking music lessons from Greg for 2 ½ years. One is taking cello and the other upright bass. I have been extremely impressed with Greg. He is not only an accomplished player himself, but is a great teacher. He teaches not only technique but also music theory. When my younger son went through a period where he wasn’t sure if he still wanted to play, Greg was able to get him motivated again. I believe that they have advanced significantly in their abilities during this time and look forward to continuing lessons with Greg.”


Vadnais Heights, MN

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